The Luther500 Festival

The Luther500 Festival is a seven-day cultural-immersion experience that brings the Reformation to life as you serve, learn, and celebrate in the places where Martin Luther did the same 500 years ago. This pilgrimage to Germany will help revitalize schools, congregations, and personal faith journies as participants come face to face with the breadth and importance of the Reformation, make new friends, connect with their heritage, and experience first hand how Church history can be a whole lot of fun.
How Will You Celebrate the Reformation Jubilee?

In 2017, you have the choice of three different weeks to accommodate your group's schedule.  All three festival weeks, May, June and October have the same content -- full of insight and discovery, new friends, and plenty of fun.

Welcome to three Festivals in 2017


How do I register?  |  How can I change or cancel my registration?


The registration works like an online shopping store:

  • Each registration is an item.
  • Each room is an item.
  • Simply add the "items" you like would to buy to the shopping cart.
  • When you have all you need, proceed to "check out."
  • At step 1 you'll be asked for your address.
  • At step 2 you'll be asked for the delivery method. Since there is nothing to deliver physically it says: "No carrier is needed for this order."
  • At step 3 you'll be asked "Please choose your payment method." Again there is only one: "Pay after receiving the invoice." This means that there is nothing to pay at the end of this registration.
  • Finish the registration like shopping and you're all set.

You'll receive a mail telling you that the registration is in.

We will review and double check your registration. You'll get an email from the Festival office with your invoice. This may take up to two business days. But once you have this confirmation you're all set!

Now, the next step is to pay a deposit. You'll find all necessary information in your confirmation. At this point, you'll be able to choose your payment method: credit card, wire transfer, or check.

How can I change or cancel my registration?


Go to "My Orders" in the footer of the website.

If you are not signed in: Sign in with the password you created at registration.

Click on the order you would like to change. The page flips down.

You have to cancel the entire booking by clicking on "cancel" in the upper right area of your screen.

Once it's cancelled go to the order again. Click on "reorder."

The chart will show you the entire order you just cancelled. Make the changes and additions. Like: When you had 10 rooms and now want to have 11 rooms simply change the quantity. If you no longer need an item you've booked before simply delete that item from the chart.

When you are done with your order simply scroll down and order again.

Like at the first registration please allow up to 2 business days until you receive your new invoice from the office in Germany.



Start registration:  May 29- June 4, 2017  |  June 19- 25, 2017  |  October 2- 8, 2017