The Luther500 Festival

The Luther500 Festival is a seven-day cultural-immersion experience that brings the Reformation to life as you serve, learn, and celebrate in the places where Martin Luther did the same 500 years ago. This pilgrimage to Germany will help revitalize schools, congregations, and personal faith journies as participants come face to face with the breadth and importance of the Reformation, make new friends, connect with their heritage, and experience first hand how Church history can be a whole lot of fun.
How Will You Celebrate the Reformation Jubilee?

In 2017, you have the choice of three different weeks to accommodate your group's schedule.  All three festival weeks, May, June and October have the same content -- full of insight and discovery, new friends, and plenty of fun.

Welcome to three Festivals in 2017

Why Should I Go?

Go to Learn

… through visits to historical sites, museums, and through Interest Centers that give context and bring into focus the message, the meaning and the media of the Reformation.

... through a variety of day excursions which include Eisleben, Wartburg Castle and Erfurt, Torgau and Leipzig, and the vibrant city of Berlin.

Go to Serve

… through unique service projects that will allow you to leave a sign of God’s love in action to the Wittenberg and Eisleben community.

Kirchens and Kindergardens— renovations of local churches or schools.
Team up with local residents to make a difference in the lives of those in need. This might include different options like helping with the renovation of church buildings, working in a soup kitchen, a day care center, a thrift store, a hospital, or a seniors’ home. We are working in close cooperation with the local congregations of Wittenberg and will serve in whatever ways they explain are most helpful to the congregation and the community.

Go to Celebrate

… the presence of God with prayer services every morning and evening at the historic Churches. The whole Festival community gathers for prayers, music, and announcements to begin and end each day. … the joy of new friends as you meet youth and adults from all over the U.S., Canada, and Germany; … Music and Art during events and concerts with your favorite bands from the USA such as Alathea, LOST AND FOUND, Rachel Kurtz, and Tangled Blue, with special musical options by choirs and German groups to be announced.

… Creation through unique recreation options like a canoeing tour on the Elbe River or a bicycle ride in Wittenberg.

Sample Schedule

This is the sample schedule for each of the Festivals. Subject to modifications - all participants will receive a program book with the daily details.


(For Overseas travelers: leave America)


  • Arrivals at the Berlin Airport TXL, Frankfurrt FRA, or any other airport in Europe
  • Busses to Wittenberg, check in at your hotel or at the Conference Center.
  • Sightseeing and Orientation options in Wittenberg
  • Welcome BBQ
  • Evening Opening Event with Introductions and music by LOST AND FOUND and others.
  • Night Prayer
  • Night Café in Luther Cellar & Beergarden with Live Music


Begin to explore Luther’s Land

  • Breakfast in your accommodation
  • Morning Prayer
  • Choice of Interest Centers and Intercultural Activities: morning and afternoon options
  • Choice of Servant Projects: morning and afternoon options
  • Choice of Recreation Activities: morning and afternoon options
  • Free time in Wittenberg
  • Dinner together
  • Evening event
  • Night Prayer
  • Night Café in Luther Cellar & Beergarden with Live Music

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  • Breakfast in your accommodation
  • Morning Prayer
  • Choice of Interest Centers, Servant Projects, and Recreation Activities
  • Day trip options: Wartburg and Erfurt, Torgau and Leipzig, Berlin
  • Eisleben festival option: Interest Centers and Servant Projects in Eisleben, birth town of Martin Luther
  • Dinner on your own (if you join a day trip) or together in Wittenberg
  • Night Prayers on the Day trips in Erfurt, Eisleben, and Berlin
  • Evening events in Wittenberg include group time, concerts, and shows
  • Night Café in Luther Cellar & Beergarden with Live Music


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Start registration:  May 29- June 4, 2017  |  June 19- 25, 2017  |  October 2- 8, 2017