The Luther500 Festival

The Luther500 Festival is a seven-day cultural-immersion experience that brings the Reformation to life as you serve, learn, and celebrate in the places where Martin Luther did the same 500 years ago. This pilgrimage to Germany will help revitalize schools, congregations, and personal faith journies as participants come face to face with the breadth and importance of the Reformation, make new friends, connect with their heritage, and experience first hand how Church history can be a whole lot of fun.
How Will You Celebrate the Reformation Jubilee?

In 2017, you have the choice of three different weeks to accommodate your group's schedule.  All three festival weeks, May, June and October have the same content -- full of insight and discovery, new friends, and plenty of fun.

Welcome to three Festivals in 2017

Join us Individually or Bring a Group in 2017!


There will be three Festival weeks in 2017:

Spring: May 29- June 4

Summer: June 19- 25

Fall: October 2- 8

All festivals start at a Monday evening and end on Sunday early afternoon. Each of the weeks has the same structure and is the same great experience. The number of spaces is limited for all the Festivals.

The final price will consist of three elements:

Registration fee  &  Accommodation  &   Add-Ons.


1. Registration Fee

The registration fee is just 490 Euro per person for any of the festivals.

Your registration fee includes:

  • Free admission to all Luther500 Festival events like Morning and evening prayers, concerts, and group meetings
  • Various Program options with Interest Centers, Servant Projects, and Recreational Options
  • Free Admission to all major Museums and Exhibitions in Wittenberg
  • The choice of two out of four day excursions to Eisleben, Torgau & Leipzig, Wartburg Castle & Erfurt, and Berlin, including motor coach travel, lunch box, local guides.
  • Admissions depending on the selected day excursion, including Wartburg Castle, Luther's birth house in Eisleben, St Thomas church Leipzig, and many more.
  • Admission to the official "national exhibition" for the Reformation Jubilee in Wittenberg and at the Wartburg (if day excursion chosen)
  • One meal per day, which is a BBQ at the welcome, supper (in Wittenberg), or a lunch box (at day excursions).
  • Health Insurance, covering all necessary medicine, doctors, hospital, and any emergency


2. Accommodation in Wittenberg

Two different housing options are available in Wittenberg: "Conference Center" or "Hotel."
Every person needs 1 bed. A 2-bed-room is for max. 2 persons, a 5-bed-room for max. 5 persons.

Both options include breakfast. With the meal which is included in the registration you will have two meals per day.

Prices are per room:

Conference Center:

Persons/ Beds in a room Price per Room for the week
3 1,170 Euro
4 1,560 Euro
5 1,950 Euro
6 2,340 Euro
7 2,700 Euro


Persons/ Beds in a room Price per Room for the week
1 1,020 Euro
2 1,320 Euro

For each bed you book you’ll need a registration as well: A 3-bed room requires 3 registrations.
A set of 10 x 2-bed and 4 x 1-bed rooms requires a total of 24 registrations.


3. Add-Ons

Additional services are also available like Airport Shuttles, post-nights in Berlin or Frankfurt, or additional tours to Prague, Bavaria, and Berlin.

Your transportation to and from Wittenberg is not included in your festival arrangements, but airport shuttles with motor coaches are offered from and to Berlin and Frankfurt airport. You can book a ticket for an airport shuttle as an "add on" with your registration.

Shuttles on Monday, the arrival day: Shuttles leave from Berlin TXL at 11am and 1pm and from Frankfurt at 12 noon.

Shuttles on Sunday, the departure day: Coaches are scheduled to leave from Wittenberg at about 1 pm to Frankfurt and Berlin.

You can also take any of the post-Festival Trips to Prague, Bavaria, or Berlin.  


Register now!

Use our online registration system to secure space for you and your group for one of the Luther500 Festivals in spring, summer, or fall of 2017. You may start with securing your participation by purchasing Registration Fees for you or your group. Once you have registered you'll be able to log in again and decide on housing options and additional services later. You do not need to know the names of the people coming to secure the registrations. Specifics like names and housing options can be filled in at a later date. Specific housing options, however, can be limited and will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Please double-check that the numbers of registration fees matches with the numbers of beds. For example: A 3-bed room requires 3 registrations. A set of 10 x 2-bed and 4 x 1-bed rooms requires a total of 24 registrations.

After you have ordered and confirmed your rooms and registrations we will review all registrations coming in. This may take up to two business days. You will receive your invoice from the Luther500 office and also get information about payment by wire, check, or credit card, using our online payment system.

> HELP for registration, and changes: Click here


With the registration: 100 Euro per registration, 100 Euro per room
By June 15, 2016: 50% of the overall balance.
By December 15, 2016: 100% of the overall balance.

All deposits are non refundable.
All prices are in Euro. You can pay more installments at any time if you like to take advantage of specific exchange rates.

> Read more about Housing Options


Start registration:  May 29- June 4, 2017  |  June 19- 25, 2017  |  October 2- 8, 2017